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Square-eyed but bushy-tailed: not some strange mammal, but the state of your author after completing the layout of the printed version of The Aviator. The last time I dug down into the innards of InDesign to create anything more ambitious than a leaflet was back in the days of The Truffle Book, in 2005, and much re-learning and concentration was required. But it’s done. 384 pages of 11 point Garamond text, with Dylan’s artwork wrapped around it to create a package that will go on sale just as soon as I get a proof copy and pass it for publication. Pricing will be US$15, £9.50, €11.50 at Amazon, CreateSpace and other retailers.

Meanwhile, the ebook is gradually spreading out amongst retailers through Smashwords. The latest additions are Apple’s various iBooks stores. There are lots of them, but here are direct links to The Aviator in iBooks USA, UK, and Australia.

Don’t forget that you can download the first three and half chapters (more than 10,000 words!) as a free sample from Amazon or Smashwords. I’ll also have samples in various formats available from Limestone Hills before too long. Don’t delay, dip in today…