Gavin Webber of Australian blog The Greening Of Gavin has just published a rather nice review of The Aviator. Here’s the punchline:

Without giving away any more spoilers, I found the story enthralling, entertaining, humorous, chilling in places, and believable. It was also a definite page-turner. I couldn’t put it down once I started and it took me a day to finish. Normally a work of fiction would take a week or two to get through, especially then it weighs in at over 100,000 words.

It even featured goats, with magical cheese, and they even stumble upon what is left of the Heartland Institute which has a hilarious twist.

Well written, well thought through, and well edited. This book is a must read and well worth the asking price of US$4.99.

Gavin has also posted a nice (but much shorter) review at the Australian iBooks store. Thanks Gavin, and thanks also to Alex Smith at Radio Ecoshock for giving me the chance to plug the book on a recent show. You can also hear me talking about the book with Glenn Williams in the latest edition of The Climate Show (about 30 minutes in, after much discussion of this year’s dramatic meltdown in the Arctic).