Whether you’re a fan of comics artist Dylan Horrocks, or you’ve enjoyed The Aviator, a large A3 collector’s edition of the cover would look good on your wall, wouldn’t it? So here’s how you get one…

Try this little quiz: a challenge for lovers of good books. The first paragraph of Chapter Three of The Aviator – where the airship’s AI pilot wakes up after a forced shutdown – is a mash-up of lines from ten literary works. Nearly all of them have something in common, and three are linked by way of pun.

The first person to name all ten works and the links between them wins an exclusive A3 poster of The Aviator cover, signed by its creator, the brilliant comics artist Dylan Horrocks (and the author).

TO ENTER: either buy a copy of the book (links here), or download the free text samples available from Amazon, Apple iBooks, Smashwords and Diesel, or the publisher’s web site (see sidebar). Read the paragraph mentioned above and post your entries as a comment to either the blog post at The Burning World introducing the competition, or on the announcement on The Aviator’s Facebook page.

Note: If you don’t have an ebook reader, or ebook reader software on your computer, tablet or phone, download Amazon’s Kindle reader software, which is free and available for Mac/PC/Android/iOS. Or you can read the free sample text online at Smashwords.

The competition will CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT ON NOVEMBER 30TH (NZ time). In the event that no-one has successfully named all ten works, the poster will go to the person who gets most correct. I won’t be giving away any clues…

Anyone who shares this post on Facebook or Twitter will go in to win a free signed copy of the paperback version of the book!

Good luck!