Aviator480pxReviews of The Aviator are beginning to mount up at Amazon and Goodreads, and I’m very happy to say that they’re all rather complimentary — and they haven’t come from family or friends (honest). At Goodreads, Sam says:

I really loved this book: the funniest thing about it is that it seems hardly far fetched at all… Gareth has created a dystopian future yet it’s a thrilling and heartwarming tale.

And Rory joins in:

This is actually a genuinely interesting book. I picked up this book on the kindle at random, and have been distracted quite happily by it for a good few days…

At Amazon.com, johnnyg comments:

I really enjoyed reading this book. A mix of sci fi and fact. It does certainly paint a possible future for our planet and I applaud Gareth Renowden for creating a good read around this serious issue. Having said that,although the issue is serious I found the style of writing humorous and snappy. It has left me wanting more

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond at Amazon.co.uk, Will B describes it as “a thoroughly enjoyable romp”, while Carol liked Jenny (the airship AI):

A very enjoyable read, both plausible and romantic – there is something romantic about airships,after all. I derived much amusement from the colourful array of characters; especially the last bastion of climate-sceptics. Jenny is a marvellous creation,and I have to commend her taste in music and her forbearance with Lemmy’s relative ignorance in that regard!

Why not see what the fuss is about? You can download the first three and a bit chapters free of charge (see the sidebar). Nothing to risk, plenty to gain…