Gareth Renowden is an award-winning writer based in New Zealand. His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers in Britain, New Zealand and the USA. His personal blog can be found at the Limestone Hills web site and his climate change blog at hot-topic.co.nz. See also the Burning World Facebook page (all likes gratefully received), and Gareth’s twitter feed to keep up to date…

Also by Gareth Renowden

Hot Topic – Global Warming and the Future of New Zealand (2007)
The Truffle Book (2005)
The Olive Book (1999)
Video – The Inside Story (1982)

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Time flies Gareth… but I think you know that. Are you still aiming to get The Burning World 2 & 3 written and published someday? I really, really hope so!

  2. That makes me feel better about some of my overdue projects… somewhat perversely… and leaves me in awe of your skills as a procrastinator (and I speak as a one highly skilled in that regard). Good luck!

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